Let’s craft




I chose to sell a crafting kit because I love crafting and whenever I’m bored I always think about crafting.

This kit includes a reusable bag with:

  • Wire:  Wire is amazing. It’s a lot like pipe cleaners except not fluffy.
  • Tiny glass bottles:  I’ve been into using these for holding witch supplies, but you can use them for anything.
  • Acorns:  Acorns are so cute when you paint faces on them, but you don’t have to do that.
  • Popsicle sticks:  You can glue popsicle sticks together to make just about anything or you can draw patterns on them.
  • Pipe cleaners:  Pipe cleaners are just like wire except they are soft and they come in different colors.
  • Wood cookies:  You can use wood cookies for the same things as acorns, except you can draw bigger faces and patterns on them.
  • Glue:  Glue is the perfect match to popsicle sticks and other craft supplies.
  • Buttons:  Take a needle and thread and your fabric scraps and you can be buttoning in no time.
  • Ribbon:  You can tie it; you can glue it; you can cut it.
  • Fabric scraps:  You can sew these together. You can draw on them. You can do a lot of things with fabric scraps.
  • Tying string:  I love to tie. You can make long strings of knots if you tie a lot. It’s super cool, I think.
  • Jewels:  Shiny, colorful jewels. You can glue them. You can polish them. You can play with them!
  • Needle and thread:  Match this needle and thread with some fabric (and buttons) and you’ll be sewing at no time. I like sewing little bags.